Where are the 4 zip ties?

We now include vinyl face stickers to decorate the facial features in every one of our complete kits.

We faced many challenges during the pandemic in getting each of the kit components. So that we can continue to offer a complete DIY Kit to our customers. we have made some changes.

There are numerous ways to attach the wire wreath form to the back of your project. If zip ties are desired, they can be found at your local hardware store.

How long does it take to get my order?

Orders are processed Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Orders are shipped within 1 business day
 when placed during these hours. Orders placed after 5pm are processed on the next business
day and ship the following day. During Holiday Season (Nov 10 th - January 10 th ) orders are
processed Monday-Saturday.

Why is the shipping taking so long?

We are experiencing major mail delays nationwide with our carriers USPS and UPS. Once the
package leaves our facility you will need to rely on the provided tracking information to stay
abreast of your delivery status. We have no additional information in our systems than our
customers have via the carriers “tracking system”. We will make every effort to get your
package to you but encourage contacting your local carrier (chosen at checkout) in regards to
delayed shipping. We no longer have the package in our possession.

My order arrived damaged/incorrect. Now what?

Please contact our awesome customer service team at: .
We will address any issues and get them fixed right away. We pride ourselves on excellent
customer service

What are the burn-like marks and burn smell on the silhouettes?

Our silhouettes are cut out of 1/8 inch tempered hardboard using industrial laser engravers.
The lasers cut by essentially searing the wood in the designated pattern. This leads to an
occasional “soot” mark on the silhouettes and causes the burned wood smell. The soot wipes
away. The burn smell will fade as well.

Do the silhouettes come in colors or with faces applied?

Our silhouettes come in their natural wood colored hard board state. They are tempered on
both sides for painting. The Rustoleum 2X brand Paint+Primer is the recommended spray paint
to color the silhouettes in any shade you choose. Check out the Youtube tutorials on the Home

"We are not responsible for delays by the mail carrier you choose to deliver your package. There are major mail delays nationwide with EVERY carrier. We process and ship your orders within 1-2 business days Monday-Friday. We will NOT REFUND orders that are still "IN TRANSIT" mode according to tracking information. You will need to give your carrier time to make your delivery. Choosing OVERNIGHT service does not rush processing at Craft-T Creations, it rushes your mail carrier."